Activities & Games to Learn Permaculture Through Nature Play!

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Activities & Games to Learn Permaculture Through Nature Play!

We are passionate about down-to-earth living and teaching permaculture through nature play. The best way to learn and embody skills for sustainability is through fun, hands-on, practical life skills that engage one's heart and mind. 

We also believe that inspiring children (and our own inner child) with empowering ways of being the change-makers of today. It is up to adults to model, support, and encourage nature play and earth care, so in their journey of self-development, they will access the 50 gifts that nature will give them in the process.

That's why we created the Nature Kids Permaculture Club ~ to empower families with a transformational program to be earth carers, through play. This blog provides a basic outline of some of our fun-filled lessons included as the activities & games to learn permaculture through nature play in each month of our year-long program. 

They are enjoyed either self-paced or alongside our community as we connect and journey together and engage in our private Facebook group.

If you have downloaded our free colour-in book, you'll already have some insight into this list from the perspective of our "9 pathways to get skilled in sustainability" shown above, with all the buzzing bees of activities that are included in each. 

Here's the overview of these pathways as flowers in our garden! This provides the opportunity for kids to pick and choose their fun (aka learning) with the lessons featured within each appropriate pathway. Let them choose those that may be of special interest to them in a self-paced manner.

Alternatively, journey through each of the 12 permaculture principles listed below in order of month and module, alongside other participating families. This is a holistic curriculum and homeschooling dream!

We have monthly prizes for engaging in this journey and live coaching with Q&A sessions within our private Facebook group for members (all included with the purchase of our program). 

January: Observe and interact

  1. Create Your Book of Kin
  2. Establish your Observation Chart
  3. Observe Your Local Animals and Plants
  4. Creative Reflection and Expression
  5. Engaging your Senses with Mindfulness
  6. Moon Gazing - A Night-Time Adventure
  7. Seasonal Nature Art
  8. Nature Adventure BINGO

Zero Waste Challenge ~ Waste Audit

Movement & Mindfulness ~ Peace Begins with Me

Change-maker Interview ~ Samantha Jurgens - Nature Kids Facilitator

February: Catch and Store Energy 

  1. Extend the Life Of…
  2. Make a Worm Farm
  3. Make Stock, Sprouts & Sauerkraut
  4. Human Energy Cycle and Personal Audit
  5. Soil Testing, Mud Pies & Cob Creations
  6. Waterways & Waterplay
  7. Make a Wicking Plant Pot 
  8. Make a Nature Table

Zero Waste Challenge ~ Save Glass Jars & Bulk Buy Wholefoods 

Movement & Mindfulness ~ Energy Goes Where Intention Flows

Change-maker Interview ~ The 'Gut Goddess', Lynnie Stein - The Gut Academy 

March: Obtain a Yield

  1. Plan to Grow Your Food
  2. Eight Forms of Wealth
  3. Activist Artwork
  4. Extending the Yields
  5. Set Up a Swap Shop
  6. Create a Nature Mandala
  7. Food for Thought Feast Event
  8. Make a Bean Teepee or Bush Shelter

Zero Waste Challenge ~ Swap, Scrump & Emu Bob  

Movement & Mindfulness ~ Breath & Body Connection

Change-maker Interview ~ Kate Pearce, Creator & Coach of the Healthy Little Eaters Game 

April: Apply Self-regulation and Accept Feedback

  1. Know Your Eco-Footprint
  2. Self-regulate Skill Set
  3. Electricity Savings Test
  4. Shower Audit
  5. Bingo ~ 10 Self-regulation Games to Play
  6. Dynamic Feedback Dance
  7. Create a Mini Ant Farm
  8. Make a Terrarium

Zero Waste Challenge ~ Feast with an Eco Diet

Movement & Mindfulness ~ Move like the Animals 

Change-maker Interview ~ Kerry Spina, creator of Kids in Harmony 

May: Use and Value Renewable Resources

  1. Pay It Forward Rock Art
  2. DIY Solar Oven
  3. Propagate Perennial Plants
  4. Make Egg Head Friends
  5. Make a No-Dig-Garden
  6. Make a Sundial
  7. Make Seed Bombs
  8. Create a Forest Folk House

Zero Waste Challenge ~ Know Thy Farmer or Grow Your Own Food

Movement & Mindfulness ~ Dragon breathing & Magic Carpet Ride To Your Own Secret Garden

Change-maker Interview ~ Lucy Legan, author of Planet Schooling 

June: Produce No Waste

  1. DIY Beeswax Wraps
  2. Homemade Nutmylk & Bliss Balls
  3. Regrow Before You Throw
  4. DIY Recycled Art Container
  5. Make a Hot Compost Pile
  6. DIY Natural Confetti
  7. DIY T-shirt Bag
  8. DIY Personal Care Kit

Zero Waste Challenge ~ Plan for Plastic Free July 

Movement & Mindfulness ~ Hike, Bike or Climb Adventure

Change-maker Interview ~ Diana Condylas, coordinator of Boomerang Alliance and Plastic Free Townsville 

July: Design from Patterns to Details

  1. Create Your Zone Plan Treasure Map
  2. Create Your Sector Plan
  3. DIY Herb Spiral Garden
  4. DIY Mandala & Key-hole Gardens
  5. Gratitude Spiral Wind Spinners
  6. Patterns In Nature Bingo Hunt
  7. Weaving Patterns With Nature
  8. DIY Gift Wrapping The Furoshiki Way

Zero Waste Challenge ~ Plastic Free Month & Zero-waste Kitchen Swaps

Movement & Mindfulness ~ Essential Movement for Kids + Incidental Exercise

Change-maker Interview ~ Blake Hudon, Permaculture Designer at Eartheartisian 

August: Integrate Don’t Segregate

  1. Love the Bugs; Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  2. Go On An Edible Weed Walk
  3. Plant a Companion Guild
  4. Make an Integrated Chicken Coop
  5. DIY Weed Tea
  6. Round The Garden Bingo
  7. Create a Bug Motel
  8. DIY Art Puzzle

Zero Waste Challenge ~ Join a Community Garden

Movement & Mindfulness ~ Stretch Along the Way, Integrate it Into Your Day!

Change-maker Interview ~ Rodney Ingersoll, The Aquaponics Gardener 

September: Use Small, Slow Solutions

  1. Pen Pal Snail Mail
  2. Leaf & Flower Pressing
  3. Seed Raise Little Plants
  4. Plant Green Manures For Fertility 
  5. Spaghetti Eastern & Egg Race
  6. Make a Seasonal Wreath
  7. Grow a Food Forest
  8. The Small and Slow Sorting Game

Zero Waste Challenge ~ Join the Slow Food Movement 

Movement & Mindfulness ~ The Tortoise and Hare Yoga Poses & Breathwork

Change-maker Interview ~ Susie Pickett - Earth Building FNQ 

October: Use and Value Diversity

  1. Make a Bird Feeder
  2. Diversify Your Garden Varieties
  3. Eat a Rainbow
  4. Plant a Medicinal Garden
  5. Loose Parts Play
  6. Seed Save to Save Seeds
  7. Natures Treasures Memory Play
  8. A-Z Eye Spy

Zero Waste Challenge ~ Join your Local Seed Savers Group

Movement & Mindfulness ~ Step Outside For Five

Change-maker Interview ~ Sunny Ray - Children's Book Author, Performing Artist, Singer/Songwriter

November: Use Edges and Value the Marginal

  1. Make a Pond Ecosystem
  2. Create Your Base Plan & Maximise Your Edges
  3. Plant Fedges (Food Hedges)
  4. Make a Vertical Garden
  5. Grow Mushrooms & Beneficial Microbes
  6. Beyond Your Comfort Zone Abilities
  7. Ecosystem Explorer
  8. Beyond the Edge Art Sculpture

Zero Waste Challenge ~ Set up a Book Exchange

Movement & Mindfulness ~ Sensing Your Edges

Change-maker Interview ~ Mike Gaia - Ranger & a Vlogger from Gaia Gardens 

December: Creatively Use and Respond to Change 

  1. Life Cycles Story Stones
  2. Creative Design Process & Checklist
  3. Veggie Garden Crop Rotation
  4. Event Candle Calendar
  5. DIY Gifting, Cards & Decorations
  6. Planting with the Moon
  7. Know Your Climate & Play with Microclimates
  8. Chop & Drop to Accelerate Succession

Zero Waste Challenge ~ Source Separate & Create

Movement & Mindfulness ~ Lean On Me

Change-maker Interview ~ Twiggy Dawn - Alchemilla Herbals & Community Educator 

Imagine exploring each of these lessons to transform your lifestyle into an abundant, nature play adventure with a deeper sense of the natural world and how to leave a positive impact. 

If this excites you, come join our growing community of earth carers and lavish foodies! 

Celery Taro - Colocasia esculenta

May 05, 2023

Ceylon Spinach - Basella alba/rubra

Apr 18, 2023

Aibika -  Abelmoschus manihot

Apr 18, 2023

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