I’m Tonielle aka Earth Mumma.  I have authored the 'Incredible Edibles Tropical Superfoods Guide' and I teach permaculture and holistic living, by design. My passion is to assist people to connect, nourish & grow with nature for down-to-earth living. 

Join me to cultivate earth-based wisdom & design your life for abundance!


I've been working with individuals and communities to empower transformational change utilising regenerative design principles. 

As a permaculture consultant, educator & facilitator of Nature Kids programs, I coach people of all ages to be earth carers, live closer to nature and flourish.

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My Offerings

Nature Kids Club Program


The Nature Kids Program is for families to connect, nourish and grow together with a whole year of earth-based activities and adventures. Learn about permaculture with nature play & become earth carers! This online course provides parents with the info, tools & resources as support to fully engage your children's head, heart & hands for down to earth fun - aiming for more green time instead of screen time! 
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Coaching: Holistic Life Design


Want to thrive? I mentor women who want to F.L.O.U.R.I.S.H. Rooted in natures wisdom, I offer regenerative rituals & embodiment practices for elemental living, transformational coaching and permaculture life design. Explore my personal G.R.O.W.T.H method to create abundance in your life. Book your Free compelling vision call today. 

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Dynamic Group Facilitation


Community development and dynamic governance training for productive people. I am a certified facilitator in the Sociocracy Method and social permaculture, with a rich toolbox of processes to guide individuals, businesses, not-for-profits and projects with group coaching and mentorship. Reach out for a Free 20 minute phone consult to see how I can support you and your community. 

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I wanted to check in and give you a message of appreciation for the work you do! Meeting you inspired me to alter my life in many ways, being able to do the course with you not only inspired me to get dirty in the garden but it's inspired me to holistically approach my life in a more valuable way on all levels. I hope you know and recognise the huge positive impacts your movements have and do make in all ways.  It evolves me as a person daily and evolves the way I see and work with the earth we live on, So thank you dearly, its much appreciated and is shifting the whole way I approach my life, and its a very positive shift!! Thank you heaps for the new shifts as a human, and through all the new information, connections, and practices to implement continuously.  Big love!


Tonielle holds space exceptionally well. She facilitates processes that empower me with my own wisdom and is willing to walk alongside me in whatever journey I'm on, without judging, or making me feel inadequate, trying to fix me, or trying to impact the outcome. I feel safe with her, she has a way of opening her heart, offering unconditional support and offering soft guidance when it's needed.



I Thoroughly enjoyed the "Incredible Edibles" workshop presented by Tonielle and Blake, ... lots of great info and delicious food. I definitely recommend this workshop and if you can't make it I suggest you jump on their website and buy their guide book, not easy to find guides for our tropical climate, and this one is a treasure.


“Koah Sports and Social Club has had the pleasure of working with Tonielle on a master planning process for our community facility and grounds. Tonielle designed, implemented and facilitated an excellent engagement process over three sessions open to the whole community, where ideas, values and concerns were identified, condensed and expressed in new plans for the Koah Hall and Musumeci park.

We are creating with our imaginations a period of rebuilding, where the intercommunion of all species will guide our life activities. We must come to understand that these dreams of ours do not originate in our brains alone. We are the space where the Earth dreams"

- Brian Swimme

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