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We're here to activate people & places with edible landscapes, regenerative living practices & abundance thinking.

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🌱 Imagine a world where everyones backyards are connected as nature corridors, with thriving ecosystems that provides nutrition, medicine, shelter & beauty. Food forests are celebrated and grow strong community resilience, localising food systems and ensuring everyone has access to produce - growing health and wellbeing within our landscapes. That's the heart of permaculture - a design philosophy and science inspired by observing natural patterns & ecological principles. It stands for "permanent agriculture" or "permanent culture," emphasising sustainable, regenerative practices that mimic the intricate balance found in nature.

It's a mindset & lifestyle. Abundant. Accessible. Easy to do, rewarding in practice & ultimately much needed - from balconies to backyards, farms and forestry.

If you are an earth-carer, check out our courses + practical workshops & join us to get skilled in sustainability, so you can DIY your own abundant edible landscapes!

Course & Events

The 'Incredible Edibles Tropical Superfoods Guide'

DIY home grown superfoods • Design • Plant lists • Food Forestry • Fertility Practices • Recipes 
Print & Ebook Options!
From your garden to your plate, this guide introduces the “IncrEDIBLE edibles’, tropical (super)foods” that grow abundantly, year-long throughout the tropics. From your garden to your plate, you can enjoy edible gardening & organic feasting!
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Online Permaculture Program

For kids & their adults to harvest step-by-step lessons to design & make veggie gardens & herb spirals, food forests & medicinal gardens. Learn skills like hot composting, worm farming & fertility practices to design, plan & grow organic food - from your garden to your plate. 
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Consultation & Permaculture Landscape Design

I team up with Blake Hudson, the EarthEartisan, to provide personalised landscape design services, including Contour Mapping, Planning & DIY Manuals. Drone imagery + edible garden installs.

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🌗🌘🌑🌒🌔 Lunar Calendar

Be in tune with the moon with this visual illustration of the moon phases with months, dates & eclipses. This Lunar Calendar is an A3 Poster delivered to your inbox to print features the permaculture principles for inspiration!

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My Podcast - Permaculture Herbalism

My segment is featured on The Elder Tree Podcast which is establishing a healing sanctuary & education centre. Tune in to listen to the interviews which showcase the herbal medicine & permaculture thought-leaders  empowering our community  with herbal information for health & wellbeing. 

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Free resources to get you started…

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Aug 14, 2023

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