I’ll show you how to THRIVE. Access skills for sustainability & live your best life, in tune with nature. 

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Hi! I’m Tonielle, a holistic life coach and permaculture educator. I work with clients who want to upgrade their lifestyle in all domains, from the inside out. In particular, I work with people who want to grow and live a life with presence, on purpose, reaching their full potential = sustainably. 

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My Offerings:

Nature Kids Permaculture Program for Parents & Home School Curriculums

Nature Kids Club

~ A Permaculture Program for Families to Connect, Nourish & Grow

The Incredible Edibles, A Tropical Superfood Guide by Tonielle Christensen

My Book

~ Permaculture Tips & Plants for Edible Gardening & Organic Feasting

Tonielle Christensen Coach & Mentor

Workshops & Events 

~ In person & online trainings in permaculture & personal growth

Tonielle Christensen Coach & Mentor

Holistic Coaching 

~ Design Your Life to G.R.O.W with 1:1 Coaching & Group Programs

Tonielle Christensen Coach & Mentor

6 Week T.H.R.I.V.E Challenge

~ Thrive Tribe Collab with 12 Coaching Sessions Over 6 Weeks

Tonielle Christensen Coach & Mentor

Time To Thrive Mentoring

~ Personal Development Programs & Online Business Solution

A More wholesome, 

Abundant Life...


THRIVE, verb:

1. to grow vigorously: Flourish 

2. to gain in wealth or possessions: Prosper 

3. to progress toward or realise a goal despite or because of circumstances.

Design your life with guidance & improve your lifestyle to connect, nourish & grow yourself, your family, your community & environment. 

Be on purpose, enjoy healthy living, to create a more harmonious and peaceful lifestyle.

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