We are dedicated to teaching skills for sustainability.

By empowering earth carers to design & grow abundant edible landscapes,

we can thrive with natures wisdom - in our modern world.

Hi, we are Tonielle and Blake, an educator and designer duo. Thanks for being here to learn a little bit about us...

Tonielle and Blake at Earth Mumma Permaculture

Our Permaculture life started in 2010…

We put on our 'permie goggles' after a whole lot of professional Permaculture training, and took our passion to our urban properties, with the vision for health and lavish feasts, fresh from our gardens. From those humble beginnings, we began to consult, design and implement edible landscapes all over Queensland, set up community gardens and became earth activists. And fell in love with each other in the process. 

Fast forward a tad…

We moved from Townsville to Kuranda, gratefully on Djabugay land in 2013 and continued to grow...our gardens and our family, with two nature kids!

We became plant obsessed and welcomed students into our various spaces and schools, teaching practical workshops for organic food growing, fertility practices, and cooking sessions to eat weird tropical produce. From natural building (earth-bag), and cob rocket-stove pizza ovens, to seed-balls, herb spirals and fermenting - we've had a bunch of fun creating and sharing practical skills.

Then we did our teacher training. Designed more. Started a local market. Co-created a nature playground. Obsessed over plants more, and continued eating from our delicious and nutritious garden. 

A decade later...

With smiles and frowns, ups and downs, we built our off-grid home, sharing land with Blake's wonderful parents. Three generations, shared meals and laundry, a flock of chickens, kelpie and cat that showed up one wintery day...it is our paradise. 

Our passion kept growing, as vigorous as our passionfruit, so we started teaching Permaculture Design Course Retreats (PDC) under the banner of our previous business, Organic Motion. Check out the film 'Regeneration' by Earth Heroes to see us in action. 

We taught and grew gardens in remote communities, set-up school kitchen gardens, organic market gardens and designed an international eco-village. 

We laughed, we cried and learnt a lot. Then we simplified. After a decade of regenerative landscaping, we dived into the social permaculture sphere...

...we got clear on our personal and business context and designed our own lives to thrive. To grow our mindsets, our relationships, and our work in more aligned ways. 

To leave create our legacy. Write books. Sit in dieta with plants for a deeper connection. Listen to our bodies. Bring up nature kids. Cultivate our food forest. Focus on ways to refine our offerings and be in service. 

Here in the now...

Earth Mumma Permaculture is driven by Tonielle to deliver education to budding earth carers, through podcasts, free resources, and an incrEdible online program to get skilled in sustainability. From tropical superfoods, to dynamic decision-making, Sociocracy to composting...it's a permaculture tool-kit that is broad and empowering for DIY'ers.  

Blake is the EartheArtisan, providing consultation, drone mapping and edible garden plans for those who have a vision for their future and want a professional outcome to get it right, aka their 'greenprint' strategy for efficiency and abundance. 

Together, we have put everything that we’ve learned from years of learning, growing, teaching and collaborating. 


We specialise activating people and places by connecting you with the knowledge, skills and tools to nourish yourself, family and community, and grow thriving landscapes and mindsets.  

You can join us, from anywhere in the world.

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