Want to learn about Permaculture as a design tool to create sustainable landscapes for efficiency and abundance?

It's more than just growing organic food! This 2-day beginners course is an exploration of permaculture with a practical approach. No experience is necessary. Bring your family!

Join us to gain the grounding techniques and strategies + empowering ideas for what you can do right now in your everyday home life to live sustainability. This will be an overview of the permaculture fundamentals – ethics and principles as the framework to design your own abundant edible landscapes!

See practical examples of permaculture in action, with useful gardening techniques for sub/tropical climates.  You will walk away with some design and gardening strategies to apply to your garden, no matter the size. 

Whether your landscape is a balcony, home, garden or farm, you will gain a solid understanding of the permaculture principles to apply sustainable design to your environment.

In this time of great transition, we come together to share some solutions that aid in personal + community resilience and empower pathways for action.

More detailed course information here: Intro to Permaculture Workshop 11/12 Feb.

Nature Kids Program happening alongside parents workshop!

+ Take home a printed booklet of valuable workshop information + Easy to digest strategies for efficient design + Composting + Worm farms + Veggie growing + Food forests + Green thumb techniques + Tools for regenerating landscapes + Social Permaculture!

Want to gift these skills for sustainability? Gift Vouchers are available here! 

Ticket numbers are limited, so book your tickets ASAP.

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The Introductory course will not cover topics in great detail, as does the full 72-hour permaculture design course - it is an overview and sets the stage for what permaculture is about. It is the seed that grows further into the journey of permaculture, where you may dig much deeper into this fertile space for creating positive change by investing in the full design course. Many people have found that attending an introduction to permaculture course is enough and go on to create some incredible projects, with the enthusiasm generated by this course, plus books and references to expand on their own knowledge.

Tony Styles

Loved the intro to permaculture course. Really enjoyed the way the crew presented the course. They made learning fun by doing lots of group activities and provided a supportive environment where people felt comfortable sharing ideas and experiences. They are very knowledgeable and passionate about permaculture and their enthusiasm is infectious. Great work!

Katie Beattie

Well that was an incredible weekend! Thank you, thank you to one and all. Met some great people and had some inspiring conversations with many. #theproblemisthesolution #permaculture #spiritcare

Kerry Spina

Tonielle, created a sense of adventure, enthusiasm and a real feeling of connectedness.  The day we put it all together was so memorable. My son was included in the experience as a worthy member of the team, ready for action and he loved every second. It would never had been the same without Tonielle's passion and her ability to create an ease for the project, her knowledge and wisdom is outstanding. I recommend Tonielle and her services to everyone!

Your Facilitators

Together, we have been teaching permaculture for over a decade and have activated schools, community gardens and now our design clients' gardens to showcase what is possible when it comes to home grow food production in the wet and dry tropics. 

We created Organic Motion Permaculture and have taught certified Permaculture Design Courses (16 days) and now collaborate with our new ventures (read below).

The range of educational workshop and course offerings we have facilitated include; the Incredible Edibles 1-Day Workshop, Sociocracy for Effective Group Dynamics & Decision Making, Hot Composting, Earthbag Building, Rocket Stoves & Pizza Ovens, Preserving Your Seasonal Abundance, Zone 00 Mindset Design,  Nature Kids Holiday Programs & Seedball Workshops. 

Tonielle Christensen 

Tonielle, aka Toddi, has been teaching Permaculture for over a decade & is an experienced grower, designer, facilitator, kitchen witch, community connector & coach.

She lives in her little off-grid house with her partner EartheArtisan, their 2 daughters, Kelpie & 16 chickens. She is the author of the Incredible Edibles Tropical Superfoods Guide & is passionate about helping people to Thrive & is known to be a little bit plant crazy, in a good way.

Blake Hudson

Blake is the Eartheartisan & a world-class permaculture designer, providing consultation & landscape designs for clients around Australia & internationally.

He has designed a large-scale intentional community, commercial market gardens, and many homesteaders' dream properties on urban and rural landscapes throughout the tropics. He is particularly fond of patterns in nature & blends them with his visual art projects. H is passionate about nutrient-dense gardening from the soil to the plate. 

Samantha Jurgens 

Samantha, aka Sammi, was a gypsy until she found Permaculture and began facilitating Nature Kids Club School Holidays programs & teaching yoga to kids.

She left her psychology role to travel, become a Mumma and is now preparing to become a homesteader on her dream property. She knows martial arts & is a force on the dance floor. She also loves to 'keep it simple' & shares her tips freely & is known as the honey lady, filling jars abundantly.

 Get Skilled in Sustainability!

Tonielle Christensen teaching Composting
Tonielle Christensen teaching Plant ID and revegetation
Tonielle Christense aka Earth Mumma teaching Permaculture principles in 2-day Intro to Permaculture Course

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