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earth wisdom nature kids Feb 08, 2021
Moon Phases Lunar Calendar

Do you want to work with influences of the moon to grow, learn, celebrate, review and let go of aspects of your life so you can flow through your month in tune with nature? 

This lunar calendar provides the key moon phases for 2021 to make it easy to plan your life within the influences of the new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter. You can download it for free via the sidebar of this blog (no email address required). 

In my Nature Kids Permaculture Program, I provide the resources to set intentions with the moon and work throughout the month with the subtle energies to connect to and working with the energetic powers of nature that influence our lives. This remembering of earth wisdom assists us to move out of the Gregorian matrix, so we can tune into and overlay natural cycles into our lifestyle. 

Intention setting is like creating a target for your arrow. You can use the moon influences as a guide for goal setting, planning our month ahead, tracking our journey and celebrating our successes, as well as reflecting on what worked and didn't - so we gain the wisdom we have gained to learn and improve. 

Below is a resource from my online course which explains the physical and energetic influences to explain the 'how to' of the template I provide for intention setting. 

Here is another overview of what to do with each Moon Phase and timing of intention setting and action:

> New Moon: New Beginnings, starting anew, clean slate.

I set my intentions.

I am asking what is it I really want?

Plant seeds of intentions that we want to grow. 

Great time to cleanse yourself and your environment.

> Waxing Crescent: Planning and Preparing.

I feel my intention.

I let the energy of my dreams wash over me like waves.

Focus on creative goals, fresh energy is a great time for the declaration of a Plan.

> First Quarter: Take Action.

I take action to support my intentions.

Go, Go, Go. Build momentum.

Pay attention, can feel intense, breaking through any barriers and relaying the foundations of your intentions.

When we put the effort in now it will help us better build our dreams in the future.

> Waxing Gibbous: Refine and Push forward.

I trust the Universe will help me focus on my intention

I am resilient

Practice patience, edit and refine.

Nurture yourself.

> Full Moon: celebrate wins (and release losses).

I release the things that no longer serve me and that are preventing me from manifesting my intentions.

I am free.

Celebrate and acknowledge what we have been waiting for.

Time of immense joy and gratitude.

Now we harvest the intentions we planted on the New Moon, as we reap what we sow.

Recharge crystals outside under the moon. 

> Waning Gibbous; harvest benefits.

I see clearly and express gratitude for what has come to light.

I am aware.

Take time to give thanks and reflect on the past month and any advice you have been given.

I nurture others and myself with gratitude.

Release and receive service.

 > Third-quarter: Release.

I receive the form of my intention the way it was truly intended.

I am open.

Re-adjust and forgive.

Break things down to complete any final parts if needed or possible. 

Helps illuminate what is holding us back and bring it to the forefront of our consciousness so that we can release the tension and move on.

We can break free of the energies that are hindering us from growth, which can often be a difficult process, but a worthy one that is necessary for growth.

> Waning Crescent: Rest and Reflect

I give thanks to the universe for guidance.

I am grateful.

This is the time to break up with any bad habits you have encountered.

Just surrender and let go. 

Trust your intuition.

Rest and restore to prepare for another cycle of intention setting. 

If you want to journey with other people in an online permaculture program using these template to work with the moon and practice seasonal living, then join the Nature Kids Permaculture Program. You don't need children to participate as we all have our inner child to support in nature play!


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