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Moon Phases Lunar Calendar

Do you want to work with the moon's influences to grow, learn, celebrate, review and let go of aspects of your life so you can flow through your month in tune with nature?

If you do, and you'd love a lunar calendar to assist with this kind of lifestyle, read on...I have a FREE 2024 Lunar Calendar Download for you below. If this is all new to you, awesome! There's more detailed information here to learn more. 

What does working with the moon phases mean?

Intention setting is like creating a target for your arrow. We use the moon's influences as a guide for goal setting, planning our month ahead, tracking our journey and celebrating our successes, and reflecting on what worked and didn't - so we gain the wisdom to learn and improve. 

Moonlight is the reflected glow of the sun! This light energy creates the visual phases we see, depending on the location of the earth, moon and sun at any one's the dance of the lunar cycle, a pattern we can depend on. 

Through this process, we are connecting with and working alongside the energetic powers of nature that influence our lives. It assists us in moving out of the Gregorian matrix so we can tune into and overlay the natural lunar cycles into our lifestyle as an ally for goal setting. 

Much like the seasonal changes that occur at the solstices, equinoxes and cross quarters of the earth and sun's dance that create our climate and seasons around the world, the moon is another elemental force that gives us the lesson of embracing change and planning for it in our lives. You can read more about that in this blog: Honouring the Wheel of the Year with Seasonal Celebrations.


The New Moon begins the day after the Dark Moon and marks the start of the lunar cycle with 1% illumination. We are called to plant seeds, both internally and figuratively. What do you want to grow/create? Anything is possible, so conjure up your dreams and goals by setting your intentions now. Acknowledge new beginnings.

Waxing Crescent Moon begins after the new moon when light energy starts to build. A great time for researching and implementing a plan for the intentions you set. Tune into your intuition and give your body what it needs and what your goals need to grow and blossom. Build strong foundations in all aspects of life. Waxing means it is getting bigger with more light.

New Moon to First Quater. Gardening-wise, this is when to seed leafy greens, meaning any annual plants that you eat the leaves of, such as; salads, spinaches, etc. 

First Quarter Moon is also called the first quarter. Approx 7 days after the new moon. It is 50% illuminated by the sun. Light energy intensifies, so it is important to focus on balance like the moon expresses. A time for breaking free from fears and anything holding you back, so you can grow with the increasing light and realise your intentions. Acknowledge planning.

Waxing Gibbous Moon is the phase between the first quarter and the Full Moon. It may feel like nothing is happening, or there's no growth or movement. Check for stagnancy and stay aligned. Do actions towards your goals. This is a great time for tying up loose ends, checking off your 'to-do' list and preparing yourself and your environment for the coming celebrations.

First Quater to Full Moon. Gardening-wise, this is when to seed fruiting annuals, meaning any annual plants you eat the fruits of, such as; tomatoes, cucumber, corn, broccoli etc. Gardening-wise, this is when to propagate and plant perennial plants, such as; fruit, nut and fibre trees or anything grown by cutting or division etc. 

A full Moon is 100% illumination in a perfect sphere, lighting up the night sky. All that needs to be seen and understood is shined upon. The power of the moon is at its peak. Notice your expectations and attachments to certain outcomes; it is what it is. Step outside and soak up the bright, magical and potent energy! Consider what has been actualised and ask what is left to do in the next two weeks of the waning moon. Acknowledge success, celebration and gratitude. 

Waning Gibbous Moon slowly decreases in light, and the energy becomes more reflective. It is time to declutter, releasing and letting go of anything that is no longer needed, both physically and mentally. Don't give up your desires if they have not manifested yet; instead, reevaluate and course correct. Self-regulate and apply feedback. Waning means it is getting smaller with less light.

Full Moon to the last quarter. Gardening-wise, this is when to plant root crops and the best time to propagate and plant perennial plants, such as; fruit, nut and fibre trees or anything grown by cutting or division etc. 

Third Quarter Moon is also called the last quarter. The best time for actualising everything you have written/set intentions for. Did it happen? Contemplate what came to be and what needs to be released, and it no longer serves your intentions. A great time to take stock of what you have and release or give away what is no longer needed. Do some cleansing ~ detoxify your body & environment, burn to release, and consciously let go. Smudge to cleanse yourself and your space. Acknowledge harvests and losses.

Last quarter to Dark/new moon. Gardening-wise, this is when to mulch, compost, apply natural fertilisers and weed. Not the best time for planting. 

Waning Crescent Moon is reflecting less sun and growing darker. The phase to retreat for rest and rejuvenation. There has been so much happening throughout the month, and now it's time to hibernate and spend quality time caring for yourself (pamper, nourish) to give your body and mind a well-deserved opportunity to restore. Observe what worked and what to do differently next cycle.

The Dark Moon has 0% illumination before the New Moon. The sun is directly behind the moon. We are called to stillness and to be quiet or to 'go within'; less doing ~ more being, less talking ~ more listening. A great time for reflection and to think about what you want to bring forth into the next cycle. Journal. Meditate and rest. Take some time out before the new lunar cycle begins again. Acknowledge completion.

Sun, Moon & The Earth = Faces of Phases

The different faces of the moon are a correlation between the sun's direction on the earth and the moon's journey around the earth in the lunar cycle. Detailed images are provided in this resource for our program's lesson, along with activities such as the Night-Time Adventure ~ Moon Gazing Game lesson. 

The Different Hemispheres

The whole Earth sees the same moon phase on the same day. However, the Northern and Southern Hemispheres see the moon oriented differently. In the Southern Hemisphere, people see the moon upside down, so the side which is shining (sunlit) seems the opposite from the Northern Hemisphere, whereas In the Northern Hemisphere, the sunlit part of the moon moves from right to left.


I have designed this calendar to support our students in our online Nature Kids Permaculture Program as we set our intentions and plan our way through the lesson together. It's yours FREE if you want the download. Just click the link for easy access (no email required, you are welcome!). It has the 12 permaculture principle as the modules they learn so much about, and the moonthly launch dates noted for the families that journey with us throughout the year with group coaching launched for each new moon! 

DOWNLOAD HERE: 2024 Lunar Calendar Poster: Free 

Otherwise, if you want a large A3 Poster to download that is universal (not branded with Nature Kids), you can do that here!

If you want to journey with others in an online permaculture program using these templates to work with the moon and practice seasonal living, then join the Nature Kids Permaculture Program!

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