Printable A3 Lunar Calendar!

This Lunar Calendar is an A3 Poster delivered to your inbox to print. Be in tune with the moon with this visual illustration of the moon phases with months and dates and a list of permaculture principles for inspiration!

Do you plant by the moon or set your intentions at the new moon, working with changes throughout the moonth for a supportive natural rhythm, planning beyond the gregorian calendar?

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Two Variations Included

Earth Mumma Permaculture Lunar Calendar
Earth Mumma Permaculture Lunar Calendar

In Tune With The Moon...

This is for anyone who wants to be aligned with the light energy of the lunar cycle influences. 

For more information regarding this, read my blog: Working With the Moon Phases & Lunar Calendar and get your free A4 download.

This A3 poster is ever so easy to read, with the moon phase pattern laid out with circled rings around both the new and full moons as well as eclipses. 

The Earth Mumma landscape layout features the 12 permaculture principles for inspiration and strategies to design your life for abundance with full-width and bordered variations to download and print as PDF documents. 

$4.95 BUY NOW
Pheonix Fae
This is brilliant! I just printed one out. Thank you 🙏🏽 I have the big moon calendar, but this one is so easy to read ❤️

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