Calling all the Earth Mummas

& Pappas who want to bring up healthy, wholesome Nature Kids...

This is for you! A Permaculture Program for kids & parents to connect, nourish & grow together.

Now you can get skilled in sustainability & earth wisdom to improve your lifestyle & DIY edible gardens...whilst enjoying down-to-earth nature play! 

Why play? Because it is fun & is the best way to learn, stay motivated and inspire people of all ages to participate.

With a smile on your dial, we want you to have all the resources at your fingertips to not only design & grow food at home, but also access life skills to create abundance in all aspects of your life.

From your garden to your plate & beyond toward community resilience, this is a transformational program for budding earth carers! 

Get skilled in Sustainability

Welcome to our Nature Kids Club, Permaculture Program for Families ~ our self-paced, fully mentored online course, with the Earth Mummas Tonielle Christensen & Samantha Jurgens.

We provide the online platform and community space so you can learn the principles of permaculture & take practical action to embody this way of life. 

We'll help you succeed, one lesson at a time. Our program is filled with 96 activities & games to learn permaculture through nature play.

Enjoy easy to follow videos PLUS 'print & play' resources to make your very own Book of Kin. 

Ready to transform your lifestyle to Thrive? 

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Beat boredom. Inspire, educate & create with Nature Play!

We are all about more green time and less screen time. 

So we created this fun-filled colouring book resource, so you have earth-based play for all ages, every week of the year! 

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Lifetime Access

Once you join, you can access your program anytime and join us year in and year out as your family grows!

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Flexible Learning

This is a curriculum to enjoy with our growing community as we journey together month by month (with prizes!) or self-paced at your own leisure. 

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Whole Family Inclusion

Whole Family Inclusion

One membership per family, not per child. No matter what size family you have, everyone can participate together. 

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Our Permaculture Program Includes 9 Pathways

To Get Skilled In Sustainability, One Lesson At A Time. 

1. Nature Connection & Learning

Choose your own fun: grow with the seasons, cycles + connect with plant & animal allies with an exploration of your ecosystems. 

2. Permaculture Mindset (Zone 00)

Seek solutions with creative problem-solving: healthy minds, thinking for the future & abundance within. 

3. Nature Art & Up-cycled Crafts

Make & create: from trash to treasure, engage fine motor skills to bring imagination into creative handy work. 

4. Permaculture Design & Planning

Edible gardens: from concept to creation of efficient, organic food systems for every household & community resilience.

5. Nature Play Adventures

Get outside for some down-to-earth fun: embrace the elements & explore the landscapes in your region as earth carers.


6. Zero-waste challenges

Be a conscious consumer & regenerative producer: gain new habits to have more with less & quality over quantity. 


7. Practical DIY Projects

Hands-on, do-it-yourself projects to create your abundance: life-skills to develop your outdoor classroom + grow & eat food, the permaculture way. 

8. Monthly Mindfulness & Movement

Kids yoga, stories, dance, exercise & meditation: improve your mindfulness & energy level in a variety of entertaining methods. 

9. Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Good for your & good for the earth: personal & household tips, tricks, activities + resources for health & wellbeing.


By the end of your program, you will:

  • Know the 12 permaculture principles & ethics as important decision-making tools & how to apply them to your daily life to be a regenerative force in this world. 
  • Have your very own Book of Kin resource full of content, DIY how-to projects for practical life skills to be an empowered earth carer.  
  • 96 boredom-busting activities that will bring the family together, improve foodie feasts all experienced as nature therapy (but disguised as play!). 
  • Enjoy the simple process and confidence to holistically design your home, garden & play/creative space (or anything else!). 
  • Have the mindset & skills for sustainability to transform your life to thrive with down-to-earth habits & actions to create abundance (inside & out!). 
  • Be part of a growing global community of like-minded families, all playing their part, providing peer to peer support, sharing wins their wonkies & connecting regularly.  
  • Be in tune with the cycles & seasons of nature to grow throughout the wheel of the year with celebration & earth-based rituals. 
  • Want to do it all over again! With your lifetime access, you can revisit anytime, anywhere.

Permaculture is an art & science. It is a lifestyle choice full of creativity & nature connection that transforms our environment into abundant, harmonious landscapes...by design. 

Inside our program, you'll have access to a curriculum of juicy content to learn & importantly, put into practice, all the ways to embody permaculture as a way of life!

Are you ready to transform your mind, home & garden to thrive? 

I am soooo ready. Let's do this!


Tonielle Christensen 

Tonielle, aka Toddi, has been teaching Permaculture for over a decade & is an experienced grower, designer, facilitator, kitchen witch, community connector & coach.

She lives in her little off-grid house with her partner EartheArtisan, their 2 daughters, Kelpie & 16 chickens. She is the author of the Incredible Edibles Tropical Superfoods Guide & is passionate about helping people to Thrive & is known to be a little bit plant crazy, in a good way.

Samantha Jurgens

Samantha, aka Sammi, was a gypsy until she found Permaculture and began facilitating Nature Kids Club School Holidays programs & teaching yoga for kids.

She left her psychology role to travel, become a Mumma and is now preparing to become a homesteader on her dream property. She knows martial arts & is a force on the dance floor. She also loves to 'keep it simple' & shares her tips freely & is known as the honey lady, filling jars abundantly.

Your Change-maker Guest  Teachers

Throughout your program, you'll meet inspiring change-makers to learn from. They are experts in their own field, be it permaculture design, fermenting, herbal medicine, natural building, parenting, gardening and more. 

From herbalists to aquaponics, rangers to international musicians & authors...our community of educators share their gifts via monthly interviews & often provide prizes for your participation!

Whole Family Inclusion

"Exactly what I've wanted to bring into mine & my family's lives"

So I did it. After much consideration, I signed up in the evening (technically yesterday) & it's currently 4 am & I'm up with third-trimester pregnancy insomnia. I can't stop reading all the content!

I'm now so excited to get into it I'm tempted to head out & get started & the sun isn't even up!

I am absolutely loving picking through the information!

This is just so 'me' & has been exactly what I've wanted to bring into mine & my family's lives without knowing how.

Thank you! 

- Jenna Uhlenhut

"We are all feeling very excited & abundant by this change"

I love it so much, it really has me feeling connected and grounded. So easy to follow, not overwhelming…love it thank you 🙏🏼

I wanted to share the conversation we had around this lesson.

For a back story: We have just sold our home & are moving. My son is finding this change harder than my daughters but after reading through this activity I started questioning what wealth we might be able to grow by our move & my son quickly identified experiential wealth & living wealth.

Trying new things, taking risks & getting new chickens, growing a big garden etc.

We also identified how it covers social wealth, material wealth, intellectual wealth & financial wealth.

All of a sudden we are all feeling very excited & abundant by this change ahead of us!

-Amanda Jane

Nature Kids Food Blessing Resource

"Astounded by the level of information"

Wow!! Samantha & Tonielle, you ladies have seriously outdone yourselves.  I signed up for the Nature Kids Club Program today & after browsing the content, I am astounded by the level of information, fun & embodiment practices you are offering. And it's only the first month out of 12!!! I am super excited to be on this journey with you over the next year. The kids have started unschooling this year & I am so thrilled to have this program as a loose guide for our days. This to me, is the stuff kids should be learning about. I am so grateful and feel blessed to be part of something like this. And best of all, I get to learn something that interests me so greatly, while enjoying being with my children. I'm   Celebrating the year ahead!


Permaculture has transformed our lives & we trust it can change yours too!

Whilst we have been on our own journeys, there are many similarities we have experienced & perhaps why we make such a great team!

We have dealt with health issues, which lead us down the path of investigating our food systems & became aware of how chemical industrial agriculture degrades our soils, contaminates our waters, exploits people & is often void of the essential nutrients & trace minerals we need for wellbeing.  

So, we dug deep, faced the despair we felt with the evident loss of living our systems & turned that into passion & drive into finding solutions. 

We realised we needed to be the change. Our children depend on us, so with the concepts of permaculture, we planted our seeds for a better future. Woah..we studied so many amazing courses & put our hands in the dirt for real-world action! 

From there, we made do with what we had, started from scratch & put that theory into practice...to established vegetable gardens & food forests, grown market gardens, built cob buildings, created community gardens, designed nature playgrounds, organised swap shops & a whole lot of other initiatives over the past 2 decades. All of this was done with our friends & family (old & new) along the way! 

We did it in rentals. In various climates. On verges, in pots & made many herb spiral gardens with rocks. 

We made mistakes, tried again, connected with permaculture greats & geeks from around the world, challenged ourselves, learnt from the best & found our success. 

As mothers, with dirt under our nails & harvest baskets in hand, there is nothing that we love more than to see our kids eating fresh from the garden, swinging in trees, chasing butterflies & planting flowers for the bees!

Together, we have facilitated Nature Kids school holiday programs, set up school gardens & taught family inclusive 2-day Introduction to Permaculture Workshops & Permaculture Design Courses (PDC) so parents & kids can learn & grow together with skills for sustainability. 

Importantly, we know the value & positive impact we can make by living permaculture at home. We can make simple, small changes to our lifestyle & model ecological holistic thinking, so our kids know how to access & create abundance based on intellegent design; natures wisdom.   

No matter where you are, or your age, you can be the change-maker & earth carer.

We would be honoured to support you along the way & hope to see you inside our program!

~ Tonielle & Samantha 

Here are our course pricing options...

Choose whichever option suits you best, for where you're at. This program is jam-packed with value & we have priced it to include your whole family. 

We offer Scholarships for those in need ~ contact us for more info! 

All our options come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!


$149 AU


  • 12 Modules: Principles for Sustainability Content & Material  
  • 96 + 'Print & Play' Resources, Videos & Downloads
  • Live Q&A Coaching Sessions 
  • Exclusive Community Space for Members
  • Lifetime Access to Everything

One-Time Payment

$379 AU


  • 12 Modules: Principles for Sustainability Content & Material  
  • 96 + 'Print & Play' Resources, Videos & Downloads
  • Live Q&A Coaching Sessions 
  • Exclusive Community Space for Members
  • Lifetime Access to Everything
  • Save $68!

Educators Licence

$998 AU


  • 12 Modules: Principles for Sustainability Content & Material  
  • 96 + 'Print & Play' Resources, Videos & Downloads
  • Live Q&A Coaching Sessions 
  • Exclusive Community Space for Members
  • Lifetime Access to Everything
  • 2x One-on-one Coaching Sessions for Support