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The Book of Kin - the title page template example for the Nature Kids Permaculture Program

What legacy will you leave for those who come after you? 

In my musings, I have considered this question and then took action to design and implement edible gardens and food forests wherever I have lived. This is the legacy I want to leave...the abundant edible gardens and the skills and lifestyle I am nurturing with and teaching my children to enjoy.

As I continue to observe, learn and practice this art of design and growing with nature, I have read many books and then written my own!

A series of books that first introduced me to the concept of permaculture was the Ringing Cedars of Russia by V.Megre. They have influenced my life in many ways, from the way I garden, how I eat, love and raise my children. 

Even the way I conceived and home-birthed my daughter was with consideration to some of the teachings shared within the pages. 

In particular, one of the nine books really stood out to me - the Book of Kin. 

After spending some time in the Jungles and working with plants on a more spiritual level than my usual gardening and eating, I was reminded of the importance of leaving a plan for the next seven generations. Not just my lifetime, not my children and their grandchildren, but seven more lifetimes.

I will be the ancestor that designed a better future with them in mind.  

In these deep meditations, I receive useful information that I bring back to my daily life and implement or integrate as I like to put it. One message or ‘download’ as my sister Donna Raymond from Wise Woman Dreaming calls it, was to create a Book of Kin for myself with my family and to share this concept onwards. 

So what is the Book of Kin?

My version is that it is a dedicated book which holds the wisdom of your family and the land in which you live. 

Kin means ‘relations’ and includes not just your blood family, but also the animals, plants and other beings. 

A family's Book of Kin can include anything they feel relevant to pass down their family line, information that they can learn from and improve their life and household traditions with. 

The information I feel to include in mine is; 

  • An observation chart to record the special animals, plants and weather each month
  • My personal lunar calendar with my monthly intentions setting in-tune with the moon phases
  • My wheel of the year to cycle with the seasons and document how I celebrate them to bring meaning to the shifts in my environment and take pause to honour these changes, however subtle they are
  • My totem animals and Plant Allies, researched and reflected on to gain a deeper insight into their personalities and powers for healing
  • My favourite recipes worth passing on
  • Art, musings, activities  - whatever I feel worthy of inclusion. 

It is a snapshot of my year in nature play with my family, as we journey through the principles of sustainability and create a resource for our future - together. 
In my online Nature Kids Club Permaculture Program, I have put together the resources so any family, or person, can journey with me (and Samantha my co-facilitator) throughout a year to begin and develop their very own Book of Kin. 

I will post more about our process and book, so please stay tuned!

If you are a parent or carer interested in a Nature Kids Permaculture program with training and resources for nature play, join us for online access today!

Yes, I'm keen!

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