Tonielle aka Earth Mumma has been facilitating and teaching permaculture life skills for over a decade, alongside Blake Hudson @eartheArtisan in the North Queensland region. That's over 20 years of experience between them, across topics such as design, consultancy, edible plants, practical installation projects and everything permacultures related in between, such as cob and earthbag natural building, sociocracy/dynamic decision making and permaculture mindset/life design. You can learn more about the different domains and topics they cover in their Permaculture Design Course (certificates) here

Otherwise, read on for the upcoming events to be involved in!

Incredible Edibles Tropical Superfoods Workshop

Join us for this all-day delicious & nutritious workshop to discover the incrEDIBLE tropical superfoods that can be grown in your garden. 

Together, we will prepare some sensational recipes and feast on this nutrient-rich, homegrown produce, whilst exploring the true essence of what  'superfoods' are and how they can be grown with a permaculture approach.

The shared morning tea, lunch and early evening meals, will tantalize your taste buds. 


Intro to Permaculture Course

 It's more than just growing organic food! This 2-day beginners course is an exploration of permaculture with a practical approach. No experience is necessary. 

Join us to gain the grounding techniques and strategies + empowering ideas for what you can do right now in your everyday home life to live sustainability. This will be an overview of the permaculture fundamentals – ethics and principles as the framework to design your own abundant edible landscape. 

See practical examples of permaculture in action, with useful gardening techniques for sub/tropical climates. You will walk away with some design and gardening strategies to apply to your garden, no matter the size. 


Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Retreat


Join us for this transformative course as a live-in retreat, to gain a grounded understanding of Permaculture as an ecological science and the important 'how to' methods of design; so you can confidently create landscape designs for others.

Equally, enjoy the 'hands on' practical workshops to learn the practical skills to implement regenerative practices and grow sustainable, organic food gardens. 

This course covers the 72 hour intensive nationally recognised curriculum to embody the theory of lecture-based content with creative learning processes.  

Intro to Permaculture Course with Earth Mumma

Nature Kids Permaculture Club Program 


This is an online curriculum to teach permaculture through nature play and DIY projects, alongside the principles and ethics. Create your Book of Kin to connect, nourish and grow together in tune with nature. Enjoy lifetime access and self-paced learning our journey through with our growing community. With heads, hearts and hands engaged, we are raising a tribe of earth carers with skills for sustainability! 


Permaculture For Families Homeschool Gatherings 


This is our village! We gather to connect, nourish and grow together as we explore a new permaculture principles every month and play. With facilitated activities for kids and workshopping sessions for parents, you'll get all the printed resources and coaching for a month of curriculum to take home to continue your you can gain skills in sustainability together and embody abundant living!


 I attended a 2-day introduction to permaculture course in Townsville with Tonielle and Blake. It was a supercharged intro into the world of permaculture. They had so much knowledge and practical tips accessible to anyone wanting to care for their property, use resources already available and grow delicious food. It was a warm and welcoming environment resulting in a new group of friends planning to stay in touch and share all things permaculture. Also highly recommend Tonielle's book to get you started.


- Jacinta Wight

A fantastic workshop! Thank you for such a great day teaching us what amazing foods grow up here in the tropics, how to grow it, and best of all, how to harvest it & cook up an amazing gourmet lunch with all the ingredients we just picked from your garden. Our dish was very popular with everyone, which was a first for me I had never heard of most of the plants before, and they are delicious.Using the included book you gave us, our own food forest is taking shape in our back yard. The recipes specifically designed for these local & Asian foods are amazing. Soon we will be trading our excess produce with our neighbors and become mostly self sufficient with our organic home grown produce.

See you again soon for seeds, cuttings & starter plants. 


- Giles Bray 

I highly recommend the 2-day intro to anyone who is interested in growing their own food and caring for the environment and their communities. Tonielle and Blake are captivating presenters who are very generous with sharing their knowledge. I came home totally inspired to make a difference in so many ways and have enjoyed sharing the knowledge I gained from this course with anyone who will listen. We managed to cover so much in a short amount of time. The opportunity to put what we learned into hands-on experiences was invaluable in terms of retaining that information long term. 


- Katie Jeffery 

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