50 Gifts Nature Will Give Your Child!

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A nature kid picking flowers

I have been living a down-to-earth lifestyle since I was a child. With a home in the dry bushland, hugged by Harveys Range and a family beach house at Black River for weekends and holidays. Between both of these landscapes, I found solace in nature, with hours of play and adventures I still remember today.

A washed-up tree from a storm became our pirate boat for months until the next storm sailed it away. I made cubby houses in sand dunes and slide along mudflats at low tide, completely covered in smelly mangrove mud for hours. 

When I became a mother, I wanted my children to enjoy a similar lifestyle. Climbing trees, camping under the stars, harvesting fruit from our food forest and picking flowers and leaves to make magic potions. 

So I created it. I designed my life this way and if keep connected, I'll share insight into my world through my blogs. In short; my partner and I built our house in the rainforest of Kuranda, powered by solar, built from the timbers milled on-site, surrounded by my food forest, veggie patch and nursery. It started with a tiny caravan without windows (just holes lol), no hot water or electricity...and a dream.

Recently, I joined my two creative friends to rent a room at the Mermaid mansion at Trinity Beach, to enjoy the forest and beach life, with work and weather influencing where I am in nature and which projects I am working on at any one time. 

Now that I am co-living with these two Earth Mummas, Chanel Baran and Samantha Jurgens (yep, it takes a village to raise a child) we are creating magic together, as women do when they have the intentions, elements, song and love within them. 

I am sharing this because Samantha and I (after connecting when she came to learn Permaculture design at the course I taught many moons ago) started facilitating Nature Kids school holiday programs alongside my workshops and courses at Organic Motion Permaculture.  My intention was to support families to learn skills for sustainability together, so we had parents learning permaculture and kids enjoying nature play. 

Now, years on, we are providing an online program for parents (or carers) to gain the basic concepts of a permaculture lifestyle and all the awesome resources to facilitate nature play activities and adventures as a family. From anywhere in the world!

So if you are wondering why we are passionate about nature therapy and play, read this list of 50 gifts that nature will give your child to grow: 


1. Helps with visual tracking and depth perception
2. Fine-tunes hearing
3. Creates a sense of awe and wonder
4. Creates a relationship with animals and plants
5. Grows textural awareness
6. Develops emotional cues and reading of the facial expression
7. Establishes a healthy sense of adventure
8. Cultivates independence
9. Develops confidence
10. Creates opportunities for defiance
11. Builds strength and agility
12. Develops a healthy sense of fear
13. Builds risk assessment skills
14. Further grows physical fluency
15. Assists with developing curiosity
16. Develops fine and gross motor skills
17. Enables relationship development practice
18. Facilitates opportunities to develop trust
19. Creates space to practice speech and communication
20. Assists with developing empathy
21. Promotes social aptitude development and practice
22. Helps grow memory strength
23. Grows healthy attachment styles
24. Builds resilience
25. Grows flexibility and adaptability26. Establishes healthy attitudes and behaviour patterns
27. Begins to learn to regulate own safety
27. Grows physical core strength
29. Creates space to express feelings
30. Creates space to learn pain
31. Learns natural laws of cause and effect
32. Learns to follow instructions or rules of games
33. Expands its world
34. Expands its vocabulary
35. Forms interests in sport and other team activities
36. Grows creativity
37. Expands problem-solving capacity
38. Grows care, concern and consideration for others
39. Creates opportunities to improve physical skills
40. Helps children discover the wonders of nature and the world around them
41. Helps children connect to their community
42. Helps children learn the foundations for universal sustainability
43. Helps children to recognise their strengths
44. Develops transitioning skills
45. Helps a child’s learning in caring for nature and living things
46. Boosts self-confidence
47. Increases flexibility
48. Helps build the immune system
49. Stimulates the imagination
50. Provides Vitamin D

If you are a parent or carer interested in a Nature Kids Permaculture program with training and resources for nature play, join us for online access today!

Yes, I'm keen!

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