HI, I'm Tonielle, aka Earth Mumma. 

I have been consulting and designing permaculture landscapes for over a decade and teaching Permaculture for almost as long. It has led me to experience deep gratitude for nature which has been a healing force and has shown me the power of earth's wisdom and our part as co-creators to design our lifestyles to thrive. 

As a qualified coach and NLP practitioner, I have integrated my passion for personal development and regenerative agriculture to provide the Nature Kids Club Program & other online courses to connect, nourish and grow individuals and communities to cultivate abundance in tune with nature.

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Sylvia C. 

Gratitude for giving me this opportunity. The process has been confronting and healing, I am learning to trust myself in the process internally and externally. You rock, from the bottom of my heart. 

Kathryn. F

Thank you so much for your unbelievable gifts of knowledge, love and community. This has been an amazing journey and I couldn't have imagined a more supportive environment to begin learning about permaculture.

Melissa. E

Nailed it. Thank you so very much for pouring your heart and soul into compiling your knowledge and experience and presenting a transformative course!

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All the resources you need for a year of Nature Play & Adventure

The Nature Kids Program is for families to connect, nourish and grow together with a whole year of earth-based activities and adventures. Learn about permaculture with nature play & become earth carers!

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