Tonielle Christensen, Earth Mumma & Permaculture Educator

Hi, I’m Tonielle. 

Welcome! My website is here to inspire other Earth Mumma’s who want to Thrive. I'm a mum of two girls, living in Kuranda, the village in the rainforest in Far North QLD, with my partner Blake Hudson, the @eartheArtisan.

My tribe call me Toddi, feel free to do so as well!

We have built our little off-grid home and established a permaculture garden surrounding us, from which we eat, run workshops about sustainable living, including; productive superfood plants, edible gardening and natural building, in particular earth ovens. We have 16 spoilt chickens who rule the food forest and a three-legged kelpie called Cedar. 

You will find me dancing, reading, water painting and ‘spilling the tea’ over cuppas with friends when I am clocked off from my work-from-home lifestyle. Or you could catch me exploring some amazing landscapes in our region, usually with a water source! 

As a serial entrepreneur, I also provide coaching and leadership for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to grow themselves online with a simple, turn-key portable business solution based in the personal development industry.

All of this allows me the flexibility to choose my own work hours around mummahood, so I can follow my passions and creativity ~ which is my life 'by design' of course! 

Confession! I am also a serial retreat lover. Seriously, put me in the bush or a holiday house with a bunch of other women dedicated to personal growth, some sage, feathers and song circles, and I am beaming with delight. Be it through tears or laughter pouring out, or the midst of a cathartic breakthrough, it fills my cup.

I work with the elements; earth, air, fire and water as sacred tools for transformation. Whenever I need to shift my energy, heal or simply have fun, I lean into them. 

Health Journey

When I grew up, I suffered from chronic fatigue throughout my teenage years and allergies to the point of hospitalisation in my early childhood, where I had operations on my ears, nose and throat multiple times. I even ended up with an allergy to anaesthetics which meant I had to have all my wisdom teeth pulled out in the dentist's chair! 

Food and eating was a source of my grievances. From those experiences, and from watching my sister be resuscitated by the paramedics in our home after her childhood immunisations, I lost trust in the medical system to provide health, but I do respect their ability to respond to emergencies and surgery when needed.


I am so grateful to say that those lessons have empowered me to be more responsible for my health and seek a more holistic approach to life. Needless to say, I am a proud foodie (read my book), especially with a focus on nutrient-dense ‘fresh from the garden’ ingredients and clean wholesome eating.

I worked the rat race and burnt myself out enough times to realise that work-life balance and quality life are really about designing one's lifestyle with this in mind.

Some may call it alternative, I call it a more down-to-earth approach, in tune with the seasons of self and nature. 

Birthing & Parenting 

I home birthed Nova gracefully in the water, a pool set up in our living room, in what I can only describe as a psychedelic 4 and half hours of primal ecstasy. This was in another sweet little cottage next door to my bonus daughter Auraura,  in whom I am her step Mumma alongside her amazing mum and one of my best friends, Donna Raymond. We have a unique blended family, feel free to ask me the story sometime! 

Alternative Education

Both girls have attended Steiner education until recently when we decided to homeschool Nova with a pod of her friends in yet again, another unique and divine scenario. We focus on a daily rhythm, gardening, Steiner curriculum rich in stories and earth wisdom. They make their own lunches, play in the bush and sing a lot. 

We focus on home-grown nourishment and herbal medicines where possible and appreciate them as artistic, wild, nature kids. 


I worked on expedition boats throughout my twenties in which I travelled the Kimberly by sea for months on end, the coasts of New Zealand and through the south pacific. I fell in love with the ocean and diving. Those hospitality days turned into real estate, where I started my first business and experienced burnout. 

I had another health crisis that evidently led me to Permaculture. Thankfully! I studied my first Permaculture Design Course, practised in my urban home garden and then became a designer and consultant to assist others to grow organic produce at home. 

I say all this from an empowered standpoint now, but the truth is that it took me on a long journey down the rabbit hole of genetically modified foods (GMO’s), food miles (transport distance and shelf life) as well as degeneration of our soils through monoculture and poor farming practices. 

Depression set in about the state of the world and I felt like I carried the weight of earth’s destruction on my shoulders. 

Fortunately, I made friends with a community of people who felt the same and were seeking solutions. I found ways to regenerate the earth (yep, there are plenty, we just all need to put them into practice and upgrade our lifestyles) which led me to set up my business “Home Grown Edible Gardens” and then Organic Motion Permaculture with my partner Blake. 

After a decade, once I had delved deep intoland and nature stewardship  and  education and culture’, I taught some of my own Permaculture Design Courses (PDC’S).  I then discovered that my passion within this holistic design framework has evolved more into the ‘health and spiritual well-being and ‘community governance’ aspects of design. These are known as the invisible structures of society.

Social permaculture specifically is the philosophy focused on the redesign of society using ecological principles and is something I love to share.

My Book 

Throughout this empowering journey, I have studied with many of the pioneers which you can read about below if you wish to know who they are!  

With this experience, I have delivered workshops and courses to hundreds of people from around the world in person and now online with the Nature Kids Permaculture Program for Families. 

As a book lover, I devoured many and found that gardening books for the tropics and permaculture were lacking. So, I wrote my book, the ‘Incredible Edibles Tropical Superfood Guide which was the compiled information I was teaching in my 1-day workshop. It provides information to grow fresh food throughout the hot, wet, summer months and to establish food forests.

With a focus on 32 easy to grow superfood plants including descriptions and recipes, it is a resource to learn how to eat from your garden to your plate!

Conscious Business

In the process of all this learning, I gained a whole bunch of business, marketing and event management skills! I invested in a business mentorship with the innovative and unconventional Jeffrey Slayter who not only provided the business training I needed to be an entrepreneur but also introduced me to the world of personal development, specifically Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) and coaching. 

From there, I have launched Earth Mumma and Time to Thrive as well as completed my master's in NLP and Coaching.

This self-development work has helped me grow my success mindset and working online has allowed me to diversify my income streams, choose my own work hours and create space in my life to fulfil all parts of me aka permaculture, business and coaching. 

Essentially, I have a mixed toolbox and skillset to redesign landscapes and mindsets for abundance. 

Plant Medicine 

My connection to plants and respect for the deep ecology movement has also led me into the jungles to work with sacred teacher plants and gain insights into nature's wisdom and the essential connection we all have to our living systems, to not only survive, but to thrive.  

It has been a great honour to witness the magic and healing of plants, those beings that give us the air we breathe and absorb the air we breathe out. 

Nature taught me and continues to develop my true nature, for I am the microcosm to the macrocosm and shows me how important and worthy it is for me to regenerate my inner landscape as it is to care for the earth.

Earth Mumma Blogs & Vlogs

My blog is full of information to support people to Thrive and create abundance. They want to access skills for sustainability and deepen their relationship, not only with the earth but with themselves, to live their best life, in tune with nature.

You can meet me at 10 am every Saturday via my Time to Thrive Facebook page to tune in for some practical leadership, coaching & productivity Tips!

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I hope you find some down-to-earth connection to enjoy in those pages.

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Otherwise, until next time, keep playing!


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