You Can Win Membership To The Nature Kids Permaculture Program!

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B O R E D O M   B U S T E R   A L E R T! Win membership to our program (valued at $379) simply by getting creative.

Our program is jammed packed full of value and we want it to be accessible to as many families around the earth, as humanly possible. 

🦋 We made something awesome...

A FREE printable colouring book with 96 Nature-Inspired Activities for Kids!

🌻 This is all about embodying permaculture through play ~ explore the 12 principles and our 9 practical pathways with DIY projects, nature connection, gardening, arts/crafts and so much more.
🌱 We've included everything you need to gain the life skills for sustainability to connect, nourish & grow together.


  1. Download your free colouring book here!
  2. Simply visit our 9 flower gardens to meet our plant & animal friends and learn about the games and activities for permaculture and nature play fun.
  3. Colour and count for some creative enjoyment. 
  4. Take photos of your completed book (full colour on every page!) & email them to us via [email protected]!

Winners are drawn at the start of every school holiday 4x per year!

You will be granted access for an entire year. Easy peasy!

Woot woot! 🎉

For more information about our curriculum, you can read all about it here, otherwise feel free to jump straight over to meet Samantha & Tonielle, the course creators and learn the specifics about what they do and how it could help transform your life here!

Celery Taro - Colocasia esculenta

May 05, 2023

Ceylon Spinach - Basella alba/rubra

Apr 18, 2023

Aibika -  Abelmoschus manihot

Apr 18, 2023

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