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Ok, so my family named me Tonielle Christensen. My best friend at school gave me Toddi as a nickname and it stuck like glue. With my socks pulled up high and my skateboard, it must have fit my tomboy impression back then and my loved ones still cooee me this way. 

I grew up in Townsville in the bush that hugged Harveys Range and with a family beach house in a small 50 hut fishing community at Black River. Between the bush and beach, I had open space, bare feet and my sister and friends to create my world with. 

When I finished school with hospitality certs, I worked on some small cruise boats (ones with libraries, not casinos) and travelled upon the ocean with stints between Townsville and Lizard Island and dived the Great Barrier Reef. I spent months on end cruising the coastline between Darwin and Broome, exploring the Kimberley region. Then I backpacked India, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and trekked through Nepal, stopping for a Vapassana retreat and met the snow for the first time. This inspired me to move to Jindabyne to spend a season on the Snowy Mountains and learn to snowboard. I have lived in Melbourne and Brisbane Cities and now live between Kuranda and Trinity Beach, enjoying forest and beach life. 

When people ask me what I do, I often stutter with an answer as my mind runs wild on the many ways I fill my day. A huge part of my life as been with Organic Motion Permaculture which I co-founded to deliver designs, edible landscaping and education focused on skills for sustainability. 

Now, however, I have pivoted so I can provide online training and free up my 1:1 time so I can focus more on my plant studies and create courses that help people transform & grow. 

What I offer: 

I have been consulting and designing permaculture landscapes for over a decade and teaching Permaculture workshops and courses for almost as long. It has led me to experience deep gratitude and connection to nature which has been a healing force that has shown me the power of earth's wisdom and our human part as co-creators. We have full capacity to develop the lifestyles and communities we want and deserve to grow ourselves and our children in. 

As a qualified coach and NLP practitioner, I have integrated my passion for personal development and regenerative agriculture to provide online courses to connect, nourish and grow individuals and communities, so they can cultivate earth-based wisdom to create abundance.

Why I do it: 

The knowledge and skills I have gained and the results I have witnessed on this journey has been empowering and I believe we have the know-how to regenerate the earth and live in harmony with nature while having all our needs met.  

Which is why I am so passionate about sharing my insights of regenerating our environmental landscapes and inner landscapes (self) and to co-create the world we know we deserve.

We all have the power to read landscapes, to see the patterns at play and harmonise with the elemental energies that move through our place, our country of belonging. We just have to be aware of these gifts that exist inside and outside of us. 

For resilience. For growth. For new ways of being. 

How I do it:

So, with a love for Permaculture as the design science leading the way to generate a perm(anent) agri(culture), I have been gaining deeper insights into the principles as strategies to design our personal lives.  

We can regenerate ourselves with elemental practices/rituals for self-sustainability which is starting with Zone 00, self. I have been leaning into and embodying these learnings to heal and transform my life, from the insight out. 

I offer online courses to empower women and children to engage their head, heart and hands in nature play to be earth carers. 

Join me for; 

    • Nature Kids Club Permaculture Program (for families) which is a full year of education with wholesome activities.
    • Tropical superfoods online course to DIY design your garden & grow your own superfoods successfully. 
  • Elemental rituals online course & resources for regenerative practices for personal resilience.
    • FLOURISH with my signature self-development program to transform your life by design.
    • Consulting for your homegrown edible garden & for dynamic group governance to achieve your mission and goals. 
  • Coaching 1:1 

Who it's for: 

I am here to work with women who are activists in their own right, who vision a world better than what we have been sold, who want to ensure a thriving life for their children. 

Women who want to transform their life to connect, nourish and grow to create abundance. 

My super soft spot is for mothers, as one myself, I know what it is to be on purpose as well as balancing the nurturing of children and self. So I have been creating. Weaving together all the skills and passions I have to bring huge value to activate the women committed to thriving in life and strengthening communities.

We are in the great turning point and I know I play an important part in assisting the re-connection of our wild, wholesome ways, back to our true feminine power.

I received this song during a meditation retreat I did in the jungles and it sums up the gifts I want to empower each person I work to embody. 

We are visionaries and we know that love is the key

We are the planters of the seeds and we are the protectors of the trees

We are the holders of space and we are the designers of our place

We are the co-creators and we work with nature

We are the carers of the land

We are the stokers of the fire

We are the blessers of the waters

We are the prayers to the winds, 

When we sing...

*Vulnerable sharings below.

I wasn’t always as empowered in the ways I have expressed thus far.

I failed at self-love and self-care and burnt out many times on my purpose-driven adventures. 

Before that, I wasn't even driven. I had no real purpose, no clarity for my future.

I struggled with my health from a very early age, in and out of the hospital. I endured toxic codependent relationships and difficult breakups. I lost my house in a flood, was saved by the SES and had some financial loss in a multitude of ways. I ate without consideration to nutrition, drank 5-6 coffees a day in my 8 am - 6 pm job and suffered from various health issues, sometimes crippled over in pain. I self-medicated childhood abuse with a drug addiction I hid from my family and friends. These are all stories from the past that made me who I am today and I write this with gratitude for the lessons gained.

If I didn't reach rock bottom, I wouldn't have...

...found refuge and healing in nature and that path led me to permaculture. I wouldn't be the mother I am today, leaning into complementary health with herbal medicine and proper nutrition. I haven't visited the doctors for physical health reasons for over seven years and neither has my daughter. 

Permaculture showed me how to grow and eat for wellbeing and gave me hope for the future with the creative design based on ecology.

Ecology showed me how connected I am to the living systems of life that support our very existence and miraculous balance and power of nature.

Nature taught me and continues to develop my true nature, for I am the microcosm to the macrocosm and shows me how important and worthy it is for me to regenerate my inner landscape as it is to care for the earth.

This path brings me to the here and now!

So, if these words connect to your heart and you want to flourish in your life, let’s work together! Connect me here :)

If you are a parent or carer interested in a Nature Kids Permaculture program with training and resources for nature play, join us for online access today!

Yes, I'm keen!

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