School Holiday Colour-in Competition!

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Looking for some fun, down-to-earth activities & games to learn permaculture through nature play

We've got you covered! 

Leading up to every school holidays...we offer a colour-in competition prize for a lucky family or educator of kids to win lifetime access to our year-long 'print and play' program.

Simply download this colour-in competition (it's also a DIY how-to make and use Seed balls to grow a garden) and post back to win. Click on the image to get your PDF to print and the details to play!

Here is our video which shows how to Make Seed-bombs or Seed-balls to Grow Gardens!

We believe children have the ability to help change the world – and they need empowered adults to encourage and give them access to the knowledge and skills for sustainability. By modelling permaculture and facilitating the games and activities we provide with all the resources,  each family can improve their household self-sufficiency and enjoy healthy, wholesome, down to earth lifestyles. This is exactly what our program is designed help our participants transform and be earth carers, easy peasy.

>>>>> What's included in the prize...

🌏  12 monthly modules, each exploring the 12 permaculture principles to learn all about the mindset and strategies to get skilled for sustainability ~ with a whole lot of fun nature play activities. PS. this is for kids and the inner child within all adults. To make positive change happen, we need to learn new skills and new habits, which is why we created this completely online program ~ so you can access it self-paced to suit your time availability, and support you with truly meaningful action in this transformative journey of down-to-earth wholesome living. 

🤩 8+ monthly activities & games (that's 96 lessons of boredom busters) that will show you how to embody and implement permaculture into your life ~ through fun, playful, hands-on means. This is via our 'print and play' resources and how-to DIY videos which you can do at your own pace, or alongside our/your new community (& win monthly prizes for engagement woot hoot!)

🌿 You’ll learn permaculture principles to transform your life, as our program is just as much for kids as it is for adults. From edible gardening to zero waste challenges, plant allies to animal & movement and learning from a new inspiring change-maker every month ~ you'll have access for life through your online platform.

👐🏿 Connection to a supportive online community – our private Facebook group is your place to connect, share, celebrate and learn with and from fellow students; your like-minded tribe. 

📣 LIVE Q&A sessions with us! You can join us, Tonielle and Samantha, every week for support and new updates. We are right beside you, mentoring you in this journey, answering all your questions and you can access the recordings anytime. We are here, walking this path with you, all of us towards the future we want to it growing food, living abundantly, experiencing connection to the earth, with our family and community and exploring skills for sustainability and new solutions based mindsets. 

We do cool things like Honouring the Wheel of the Year with Seasonal Celebrations and with all the resources we provide, you'll make your very own Book of KinWe explore new zero-waste challenges every month, plus plant and animal allies to connect more deeply with the environment around enjoy the 50 Gifts Nature Will Give Your Child!

If you want more detail of the hands-on activities & games we include in our program, check out our blog here

If you are a parent or carer interested in a Nature Kids Permaculture program with training and resources for nature play, join us for online access today!

Yes, I'm keen!

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